This is the first thought I had when I found myself face to face with the official Pantone page and it’s new colour ideas for the year. 

“Like every year, I find myself faced with the dramatic issue of Pantone & the Chosen One, the pre-selected shit colour of the year.” – Me, last year.

This new colour trend is clearly the idea of a woman of childbearing age, under advanced hormonal phase, pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl; or else she might still be unaware of the gender of the babies and, so as not to hurt anyones feelings, decided to choose not one, but two colours for 2016. 

Obviously these are the baby colours that will send all the fashionista psycho-mothers into fits of awe and contentment as they’ll be able to coordinate their outfits to their babys overalls: Rose Quartz and Serenity and all of the shades that come form the fusion of these two (shit) colours.

And as much as I complained about last years Pantone choice – Marsala – even THAT was better than these two shades. 






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