How to look like a California Gal on holidays in Europe

Being Italian I was blessed with a skin tone that doesn’t burn in the August sun. But living in Ireland I have many friends who aren’t quite as lucky when it comes to sun bathing. No matter how blonde you are, the absolute worst skin type to sunbathe is that of red heads.
Therefore unless you have an explosion of copper on your head you’ll never understand, no other type of women, no matter how white they may be, can compete with a pink undertone, perpetual pallor, tendency to sunburn even at a bus stop in March -I can testify to that- and are in perpetual need of SPF 50+, hat, robes for the hottest hours and use of a protective vest according to the length of time you intend to spend in the water.
YES, IF someone with the above mentioned skin tone decides to spend a great deal of time in the water they have to enter it with a shirt, for the sake of having the certainty of exiting alive.
I often hear SOME, blondes or brunettes, saying things like “I immediately burn, I’m so pale”, well, they live in the blissful ignorance of what it’s like to have the same problems of a centenary Vampire – hello, Eric from TrueBlood- that decides to take a stroll around Santa Monica at two o’clock in the afternoon.
Therefore I feel my friends in their beach must haves should also always include a blessing before stepping out on the beach. But let’s overlook all this and pretend we’re all normal people.
What is necessary Have the summer 2015?

A fringed bikini which is always Very California girl on vacation in Europe, maybe switched up by choosing different bottoms, whether by colour or shape.
Beware of the matchy-matchy bikinis.

 As for those grandmother inspired bikinis, let’s just keep on browsing them solely on Pinterest, shall we?

 Round sunglasses, the colour doesn’t matter as long as they’re not neon. Make sure they’re oversize, to avoid looking like John Lennon or Gary Oldman in Dracula.


Leather sandals or espadrilles.

For the love of Kalì, say no to plastic, rubber flip flops, glitter, obscure stones and wooden high heels. Buy a good pair of leather sandals or get your hands -or feet- on cheap espadrilles.  


In general we must

say no to :
-Neon , we’ve been over it since May of 2012
– Studs
– MiaBag , what kind of problems those of you who own it?
– Fake Tiffany rubber bracelets
-Ombre reminiscent of model Bianca Bianca at the Sanremo music festival
-Nail art
– Cork Wedges
-Make-up at the beach

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