Extra tips: Road safety advice from Mars

I was recently in Milan, while the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 menswear fashion shows were on. Now, no matter how much I love Milan, being in the city with these sky high temperatures is a torture in itself, and witnessing dozens of pseudo-fashion bloggers and their trusty reflexes all posing in the middle of the road creating traffic jams and contributing to the already foul moods of taxi drivers absolutely kills me.

They say that life is a fashion show  and that the street is a catwalk, which leaves me wondering how much risk are these fashion forward people prepared to embrace as they show off their amazing outfits to the world wide web and not only?

Let’s not forget that STREET style, as the name heavily implies, belongs to the street, and as such it should comply with common regulations of evil congested city traffic. This, as I got to witness, is not always achieved.

But since I actually care about our beloved fashion bloggers and before reading about them on articles such as 

“Fashion blogger of international fame hit by an ongoing tram during Milan Fashion Week. Only witness of the event her dog Matilda, who tells us about the incident: WOOF”

I’d rather provide some Martian fashion inspiration for road safety.

sicurezza stradale fashion street style vita su marte 01

This is the ideal clothing to retaliate against any type of insurance in case of an accident. A circus tent is the only thing more visible than her.

sicurezza stradale fashion street style vita su marte 02

From Mars they tell us that for the safety of all humans the tram in this case should quickly accelerate. 

sicurezza stradale fashion street style vita su marte 04

Dressing like a Ferrari does not give you the right to obstruct traffic outside of the sidewalks, and it can also distract those more susceptible drivers. 

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