Extraterrestrial observations: Stay fit with the street style jog

While in theme of fashion week, a special mention goes to the bloggers and their jumping, running and somersaulting across the street in an attempt to snap a photo that is at least a little different. Too bad they all have the same ideas.

The sense of wasting hours on the treadmill? The futility of the New York marathon? Let’s even go the extra mile and say no to those early Sunday morning jogs in parks rich of oxygen and fresh air, and let’s just maintain ourselves in shape by performing Street Style at full velocity.

Racing from one fashion show to the other, between a shopping session on Grafton St. and the free cleansing wipes from M.A.C., and a final sprint to Zara.

In order to encourage the aerodynamic thrust I recommend:

-Remembering that you’re out of goji berries five minutes before the grocery store is due for closure

-Walking through traffic and crossing with red lights

-Running a relay race between Zara and H&M to compare the prices of the flared jeans

-Forgetting the prices in Zara and doing the relay all over again

-Running at least twenty minutes late for every appointment

-Adopting a greyhound -Hi essibutton!-

-Dining in a master chef famous restaurant and leaving without paying the bill

run corsa street style fashion vita su marte 02

run corsa street style fashion vita su marte 03

run corsa street style fashion vita su marte 05b

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