Fashion observations: S/S 2015 the checkered print

The infamous checkered print also known as “vichy print” has been trying to creep it’s way into the major fashion collection, both on Mars and on Earth.

Remember the skirts and pumps from the Miu Miu collection a while ago? And yet, this year the presence of this historical checkered print is much more clear and strong.

I’m sure you’ll all recall this print because it’s commonly associated with many great actresses of the 50s and 60s who contributed to the prints rise to popular fame: two icons who used it were Katherine Hepburn and above all the beautiful Brigitte Bardot, who strolled around the little streets of the Cote d’Azur wearing little skirts and shorts in this memorable checkered print.

Unlike fringes and bell-bottom pants this is a trend I like, especially when the use of the print is paired with simple and basic outfits.

vichy print vita su marte
vita su marte vichy stampa primavera 2015
vita su marte vichy stampa

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