From Venus to Mars: Love is a simple thing

No, this isn’t a post on what a beautiful thing love is/can be/forever will be

How many heart problems do we unnecessarily place upon ourselves, how many existential dramas, tears, unspoken words,  excruciating troubles we go through, how many long periods of anguishing, devastating dark teenage years, how many nights spent wailing while binging on ice cream -you guessed it, I too am guilty of that- and trying to reason over why he dumped us. HOW MUCH STUFF. Yet, it would be so much simpler if we realized sooner rather than later that the water is low and the duck doesn’t float time is short and it’s better not to waste it with drama, that words are easy and that it’s better to be honest.

In short -in the midst of having recently been dumped- the other day I had an epiphany: We should live our everyday life with a speed-date like philosophy: Hello, who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? No, I don’t like you. NEXT!

Here’s my personal take on love:

Sorry, I think I can help it.
Sorry, I think I can help it.

In the above picture: Men who don’t care to convince us. They most certainly have stinky feet, don’t know how to cook and badly squeeze the toothpaste. NEXT.

problemi di cuore amore extra fashion street style vita su marte 02

Good woman, tell everyone that you have a broken heart by displaying the symbol of your grief on your jacket. It’s a good idea, no more explaining what happened to your bae and an easy answer for those “Why so sad?” questions. Just don’t hopelessly look down, or instead of the light at the end of the tunnel you’ll only see the metropolitan mices. We gotta start over girl.

problemi di cuore amore extra fashion street style vita su marte 05

Ah, and finally my personal favorite. Here’s my anti-heart break and stress-avoiding theory summarized: it’s absolutely useless asking ourselves so many questions. What is love? But is this love? Is this a man? Is this a woman? Will he leave me? How long will this love last?


And stop.


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