Extra Fashion: The worst is returning

Those affected by Siderodromophobia will never complain over trains not being on schedule, because the’ll never board one.

Those suffering from Euphobia, the fear of hearing good news, should never be made aware of the fact that Asos is having a 70% sale.

Then theres the Batophobia, and the Aurophobia, by which the person affected will never own anything gold.

All this to say that, of all the fears that afflict humanity, we sill haven’t come up with a nice little word that defines the FEAR OF FASHION.

Every ugly item that was long forgotten is now coming back. But can we really accept the return of all this? Let’s learn from past mistakes for a better 2015.



Obviously your parents never bought you a pair of Lelly Kellys when you were younger, you still suffers the after effects of this trauma and feel the need to compensate for this loss by buying them for yourself, because ,after all, it’s never too late. Well, tell us where you live: in the Barbie camper or do you share an apartment whit Polly Pocket? Why not buy a pair of heelys at this point.

extra fashion revival street style vita su marte 01


Stuff we used to wear during those agonizing middle school years to hide the discomfort provoked by not having boobs. Today, we have other options to resolve these body issues, from plastic surgery onwards.

extra fashion revival street style vita su marte 05

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