Pantone and the colour of 2015: MARSALA

pantone colore 2015 marsala vita su marte 01

Like every year, I find myself faced with the dramatic issue of Pantone & the Chosen One, the pre-selected shit colour of the year.

Us women (because we all know that men are only aware of white, black and primary colours) know that there are millions of billions of stunning shades that, throughout our lives, we aspire to own in the form of beautiful clothes, chromatically ordered on perfect wooden hangers with the only purpose of instagramming them. 

One would think “Help yourself, that Pantone helps thee”. But instead no.


Pantone locates itself  in the blob of mysterious and unexplained events such as:

 The inexhaustible 90s wardrobe of the Principality of Monaco. 

Premature aging

The success of floral bomber jackets

The success of Justin Beiber

Unidentified flying objects


This year, Pantone chooses MARSALA

A colour so shitty that you couldn’t find a shittier one, so undefined that it’s better to avoid it entirely by opting for a shade that comes close but isn’t exactly-exactly it. But so what is it!?

It’s a cross-hybrid between brown and burgundy, it’s a milkshake of rotten cherries and cocoa, it’s a crappy dark dusty pink, someone could even describe it as pears peels with a certain quality. Bullshit.

We should also recall that the wine after which it -maybe- takes its name is a shade of orange; In short, a quick google image search to realize that the matter is as obscure as a scene from Coronation Street, and that this year as every year it’s better to aim for free interpretation.

Moreover, where on earth -or on Mars- am I supposed to put this ‘Marsala’? 

pantone colore 2015 marsala vita su marte 00

⇨Fashion: I’m already projected towards spring/summer colours an this shade is an open invitation to depression.

⇨Make-up: If I wear an eye shadow in this shade my general doctor would admit me right away to the guarded prognosis zone.

⇨Home Decor: At home curtain and textiles for an immediate ecclesiastical feel.


pantone colore 2015 marsala vita su marte 07

pantone colore 2015 marsala vita su marte 05

pantone colore 2015 marsala vita su marte 11

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