Save the Duck and the Goose incident

There’s a precise chain of events that takes place on social networks, especially on twitter, when a scandal occurs.

Firstly, the scandal is announced, shared on every social platform by the majority of the users, then comes the surprise of those who weren’t aware and finally indignation.

Everything in this description seems straightforward enough right? But no, because following this sequence of events, after a number of hours, the pompous and conceited inhabitants of social networks emerge from the shadows. Those that exclaim “How could you not have known? Well, you’re annoyed over this and you don’t spare a second over the Palestinian issues?” Bless all of yous who always have an opinion.

It’s a certainty, those pompous people who think they know everything and are outraged by nothing, who haughtily look down upon those who still are in the dark, will forever exist. From a certain point of view, they’re even worse than those who live in blissful ignorance, because if you to scroll through their timelines you’ll only find a huge, black hole deep as a puddle in March. 

I don’t tweet about politics, chief mechanical systems or quantum physics, but at least I have the decency not to criticize those who take a position and act outraged.

Is it obvious indignation? Amen. It’s better than not saying anything or regurgitating useless arrogance into the ether. 

This always happens and it also happened over the Moncler (the luxury coat brand) Incident. A documentary has been released showing how the brand mistreats gooses in order to obtain the feathers they use when creating their coats. 

A couple of hours after the documentary was released, documentary that the above described know-it-alls probably didn’t even bother to watch, the always-enlightened smart-asses of the web ruled “Ha, what did you expect? That they put the gooses to sleep? That they were feathered by a peasant girl before putting them in a pot? Did you seriously not know? And do the issues in Palestine not bother anyone?”

I honestly wanted to thank them one by one for their useless haughtiness. 

There’s only one sensible thing to say on the matter. 

The only solution for those who want to buy a jacket is to opt for a brand that is eco-friendly. I personally love the Save the Duck  brand. they have the best selection of breathable, light and thermal jackets that feature PLUMTECH® padding created to imitate the fluffiness of down while preserving the advantages of technological thermal insulation.

save the duck vita su marte

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