This summer I’m only buying pajamas

The best intentions were all there: writing a blog post on the prettiest things I’d seen in Zara during this past spring and what I wanted to buy during the sale. You know, one of those endless lists that add up to embarrassing figures once you’re done adding everything to the cart?

Instead, after having turned Zara inside out as a house elf would do with a pile of newly found socks, I came to this meek and unhappy conclusion: This S/S I’ll only buy pajamas.

I easily picture the great leaders of the fashiooon world, sitting at their Round Table:” Hey, let’s dictate that furry Birkenstocks are the epitome of fashion and see how many idiots will buy them, muhahaha”. 

Zara, what the hell is this stuff?


For the over 50s trip to the local church. 3859012485_2_3_1

A suit for pregnant women? Comfy wear for that time of the month? Someone explain it to me.


Another suit for pregnant women, this one in a lovely nuance of baby vomit.

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