Colour trends F/W 2015-2016: So Sangría means wine


When talking about colour trends, I wish I could regress to the knowledge of colours typical of the average male, knowledge that doesn’t go beyond primary colours, black, white and not much more. Because in school they taught us how to create beautiful shades using pastels, but they never told us that Pantone and designers would have ended up driving us insane.

Now, I’m aware of the fact that this year burgundy is fashions it colour, the most desired shade, the sovereign king of pigmentation, because I see it appearing several times in things such as street style, Céline bags, and in various Zara and Asos assortments. I diligently browsed fashion colour charts for the season currently underway, and, as usual, there are at least 43 colours that fall under the cool, trendy, must-have, basic, if you don’t own it own it tag.


Among all these shades the number one appears to be the tint that is referred to as SANGRIA, which, by the looks of it on the Pantone table chart, looks more like a wine-brown, a washed out grape-juice, blackberry vomit dried out by the sun, a Chanel lipstick my grandmother could have owned, an I DO NOT KNOW. But, the boundaries of shades is a subtle one, and therefore we’re better off just calling it Burgundy. We can start collecting it with joy and satisfaction, for, as confirmed by the colour trend forecasts, it will follow us straight int A/W 2016.

sangria color trend aw fw 2014 15 pantone vita su marte

burgundy bordeaux fw 2014 15 color trend vita su marte

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