Cosmic sightings – Badly dressed 

The 4th of July has come and passed, and I saved a bunch of outfits for this post, but promptly forgot about it. But since the heat is unbearable I deemed it politically correct to still post this, despite being royally late.

These are difficult days.

It is so hot that at times I get mystical doubts such as: am I in Italy or am I in Dubai? Has the Earths axis shifted?Has the time come to seriously think about colonizing Mars? Will all this heat at least make me lose weight?

In short, major doubts, matters redolent of culture and science.

Good thing we can still have always stylish American girls with their freaky and ridiculous outfits to cheer us up.

Nicky Hilton

Are you stupid?

What are you laughing and waving at, you have your ass on show and are wearing a shower curtain.


Anna Dello Russo

Those pants belong to an overweight accountant who has lost 25 pounds kg and hasn’t had the time to go buy a new pair.


anna dello russo vita su marte


I don’t know where to begin.

Perhaps from the flesh-coloured fish-net stockings?

Black hair overgrowth?

White concealer?


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