About the misfortunes of women in the summer: Frizzy hair, shiny skin and unwanted hairs

Those who claim that in the summer we are all more beautiful probably are male, or women born under a lucky star, equipped with the good fortune of having won the genetic lottery of natural beauty.

Yes, because this crazy popular belief cannot be explained in any other rational and logical way, since in the summer heat womens misfortunes multiply like ants or people in front of a free food buffet. 

Given the considerable sociological importance of this issue, I think it’s important to go by points:


Those born with natural silky smooth straight hair…. I’m hating you all. Yes, because it’s easy to let your hair dry naturally when it’s as straight as spaghetti. Try doing that when you have half-wavy-half-frizzy-thick-choppy hair. I always try it, because blow-drying your hair with 40°C is madness, and my naive expectations are always inevitably dissapointed. I always imagine, after sitting under the sun for half an hour waiting for my hair to dry, equipped with a bottle of argan oil and a few prayers, that my hair will have that California beach girl wavyness. But it always looks more like Shakiras, unkept and undone. 

Beauty tips: argan oil and prayers.

Shiny skin

9:00 am: clean, dry, and opaque skin.

9:30 am: shiny skin as greasy as a McDonald apple pie.

Enough said.


The summer encourages the growth of zucchini, blackberries and hairs. With the heat the damned hairs proliferate like weeds, and, if you want to have bare legs or go to the beach every day, with 40°C you’ll reach a point where you can no longer maintain the normal waxing cycle

In August I abandon waxing, hope and good judgement and resort to hair removal creams or to the barbaric practice that is the use of the razor. 

Beauty tips: patience and never look down at your legs while at the beach.


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