September resolutions and the power of Céline

The real new years resolutions happen in September not in January. It’s something you learn as a child.

This year one of my resolutions was to not buy questionable clothes, following trends that last three months, with the weak excuse of having a feeble mind that is easily influenced by the visual stimuli that the fashion world throws in our faces.

I thought this yesterday at 10:47, and at 11:30 I had the the apparent epiphany that I needed a pair of Céline gigantic statement earrings.

Céline, that in the last couple of seasons has manged to make us appreciate:

-The grand-dad flip flops

-The crazy cat lady bag

-The shoes with the fur

If this isn’t power I don’t know what is. Now, in the galactic Resort year 2015 Céline is back, and offers us statement earrings of questionable size, but that will certainly soon appeal to everyone.

celine-resort-2015-earrings (1)newsfromthecosmos


Undoubtedly, their use can be wide and varied, going from: replacing those old Victorian books in the practice of keeping your head straight, straightening your neck or practicing primitive cults like those Papua New Guinea tribes.

In the case that you were to want these -and know that sooner or later it will happen- know that Mango has created a similar version at a much more modest price.

mango celine resort 2015newsfromthecosmso+

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