Fashion tips: How we should dress for SS 2016 according to fashion week

During fashion week time I live in a constant state of mental dissociation: summer is just over, flowing linen dresses have been washed, ironed and archived, the heating is is turned on in the evenings and the drama of the moment is what scented candle should I buy? When should I head to Zara to buy one of those blanket-scarves? Is my coat the right cut? Is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas?

And yet fashion forces me to project my thoughts to spring summer 2016 already.

Nevertheless, the future is unknown, and it brings with it questions such as will I still be alive in Spring Summer 2016? And if I am, will I really be wearing this stuff?

Friends, we are forced to face the following, therefore, like in the best group therapy sessions, let’s hold hands and share the emotions.

fashion weekThey killed Bugs Bunny.

fashion week trend runway ss 2016 primavera estate vita su marte 04b gareth pugh

The make up tights are perfect if your planning a high fashion bank robbery.

fashion week

We have six months to steal a street cone and fashion a bag out of it.

fashion week

Birkenstocks come back to haunt us every season, and Tommy Hilfiger had the brilliant idea of pimping them up, as though we effectively needed this… improvement.

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