What to get a man for Christmas to avoid the nervous breakdown



Finding a decent gift for the husband or boyfriend is always a difficult task: they don’t wear make-up, they don’t use bags, they don’t appreciate the latest Saint Laurent trends, they always wear the same clothes and they see useless and pretty things as simply futile. Absurd isn’t it?                                                              

They don’t give a damn about Tiger, Zara Home and they don’t collect Marie Antoinette style cups to use at breakfast.

What is left to get them then?                                                                                                                                    

Obviously if you are amongst the lucky ones to have a partner who dresses well and isn’t totally clueless then you’re good to go, but if your significant other lives in hoodies and sweatpants then this guide could be useful.

1.Adidas Stan Smith PrimeKnit                                                            

Sneakers are items of interest even for those guys who don’t care about fashion at all. The latest Stan Smiths could make him happy. 

2. High Tech Headphones 

They wouldn’t spend two euros on lip balm but they will cash out for technology. Remember that. If he loves music he’ll be more than happy to receive these cool headphones. 


If he’s into art you could look for a print for a painting or artist he  really likes and get it framed.

4.Hershel Backpack

Perfect for a day trip, weekend or a business trip. A male will be able to fit two weeks worth of clothes in that bag.

5. Aesop essential Kit

Cleanser, cream and aftershave. Aesop products are excellent and have beautiful packaging that will appeal to males as well. 

6. Netflix subscription

Who doesn’t love unlimited movies and tv shows?

7. Bearded Hipster Kit

In the case your other half is a bearded hipster what better gift than these kits with an American Vintage 1950s style packaging on sale on Asos?




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