Christmas gift guide for her

December = Gift time.

It’s pretty hard to escape the tradition of exchanging gifts,  because it’s something that every one loves, regardless of social status or whether or not your wallet resembles that of Kim. 

If your budget is low, or almost zero, there are no excuses anyways because DIY has been around since Paleolithic times and nowadays we even have Pintrest that comes to the rescue with tons of cute ideas that help move successfully past the festivities with compliments ranging from dignity to admiration, depending on what level of craftiness you stand at. 

For someone to act otherwise during this period of the year would mean there’s some other religion involved (for atheists and agnostics fully fit into the exchanging gifts tribe by reclaiming  the original pagan Festival of Lights), they’re antisocial x 100 or they’re simply lazy shits. And cardinal sin it was. 

What can be deduced from this is that not partaking in the gift giving tradition is a real pity. Receiving shit presents is even more unfortunate, since Christmas is an accurate indicator of friendship: it is scientifically proven that if you give less than thoughtful presents by the 27 of December your Facebook friends list will be half of what it was beforehand. Hence, at least a minimum amount of mental effort is required, and this is where the division between two main categories of people is triggered: those who are synced on “gift mode” 365 days a year and by March have already found the perfect gift for mother-father-brother and those who on the 24th of December get a the tingling feeling that the following day something known happens, ah yes, people exchange gifts, oops. 

As a follow up to this post I have gathered a list of beautiful ideas for gift inspiration for girls. All this needs to be clearly analyzed for your own personal Santa’s letter and for auto-presents, because trusting people is good, but not trusting anyone including relatives is better. 

christmas ideas.png


How could we not stay in the cliche’ of pajamas-pefumes-envelopes with money for Christmas? The envelope with money can be easily ocnverted into a Zara, Topshop or whatever other store giftcard, while pjs cna be found literally anywhere.  While it is reported that the fragrance of life begins with B and ends with yredo. I’m a fan of Blanche and Palermo (I also tried Inflorescene and Bal d’Afrique which aren’t bad). Go, sniff and moltiply the money, because unfortunately this fragrance doesn’t have the same price of Arrogance Christmas edition. 



Here the budget rises significantly: either you have an important present to make or have numerous relatives to spilt the price, cause otherwise this point only applies to auto-gifts and endless fictional wish lists for Santa. I’m beyond tired of photographing shit using my phone camera: I waste the battery just to snap pics that will never turn out as good as they would if I was using an actual camera. The Canon Powershot N2E is the perfect compromise between compactness, good design, power of selfies and wifi. It’s also perfect as a gift for boyfriends/girlfriends, if we want to pretend to be generous and to end up using it all the time ourselves, obviously.

vita su marte idee regalo natale canon powershot macchina fotografica



This goes for any budget, because it goes from a fine porcelain cup with gold ornaments hand decorated by a bored Russian to that highly sought white cup with golden (or black) initials by Anthropologie to something dug out of a flea market.



Nail varnishes and lipsticks are always appreciated by all women, for example Nars red Audacious or a Dovima Rouge Tomate for the nails.  





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