Adulthood – 10 things someone should have warned us about


1.ESB electricity meter reading you have to take the reading every month!?

2.Chef-speed veg chopping A pint of blood down, I can confirm this is definitely best left to the professionals

3.Opera Singing, in a foreign language. For hours. Face it, we’re all peasants. 

4.Bank charges We thought we’d been hacked. Then we realised it was the people at the bank.

5.Suede shoes Gorgeous – until it rains. Then we cry. 

6.The vanishing date The first magical date with our future special someone – followed by a deafening silence. Where’d he go?

7.Linen dresses-shirts-pants-anything So chic on the catwalk. So crumpled in real life.

8.Skirts that ride up Demure standing up, pornographic sitting down. Bad for job interviews.

9.Airport costs A euro for a tiny plastic bag, 40 to print a boarding pass, 90 in duty free. Broke before even leaving the Departures. 

10.Ice skating Can’t wait to get on the ice – until you’re on it. Then you can’t wait to get off. 



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