The comforting differences between your first relationship and every other one after that

At this point you must have realised that this blog is for those of you who have accepted that life sucks. Sometimes. Particularly for that category of people who have had the displeasure of having a relationship go down the drain. However, there is good news – “past relationships are worse than those that are yet to come”.

Well, after spending hours texting a friend, brooding over our life issues and spilling the beans on how we really feel about our past relationships and whatnot , and if reading about celebrity breakups still isn’t doing the trick,  here’s the list of comforting differences between your first important love story and all the ones that will inevitably follow.

1. The first love story sweeps you off your feet and sends your happiness levels sky high, in fact when it’s over you crash hard and you get pieced back together by an undertaker

 2. You wish for your first love story to last forever, for the rest to come it’s enough that they last more than seven seconds.

3.During your fist relationship you have butterflies in your stomach, after that you realise it’s just heartburn.

4. During your first relationship you try to change the other, after that you learn it’s easier to find another .

5. Your first relationship is like a rollercoaster, the rest don’t make you quite as sick.

6. In your first relationship you promise each other you’ll remain friends, in your next ones you’re aware it’s not possible, or at least not long term.

7. Future relationships will help you in difficult times, your first one will cause the difficulties.

8. When your fist relationship ends you’re scared, when the future ones end you’re relieved.

9. Your fist story takes your breath away, in fact it ends because one of the two feels like they’re suffocating. 

10. You think your first love is perfect, for the rest of them it’s enough if they’re not too terrible.




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