Star Wars: “The Force Awakens”, Etsy shopping and BB8 Gadgets


As noted by everyone who lives on this planet(or any other galaxy, we don’t do discrimination here on Mars) and is in possession of an internet connection or an owl who delivers letters from the outside world, the 16th of December 2015 marked the release of a new chapter in the saga: The force awakens. 

At the beginning of September #ForceFriday happened, when all the merchandising concerning the force awakens (toys, lightsabers, gadgets, books on the journey to The Force Awakens) landed in shops and Disney Stores all around the world.

I have little interest in the official merchandising, though this hype led me to Etsy, where I found super cool Star Wars things clearly essential for the continuation of my existence, things such as: books, prints (I looove prints), cookie cutters, blankets and stickers. 

They even sell doormats.

Do I need to say more?


I do not take responsibility for the inevitable heart failure fans of the series will have once they type the magic word on Etsy, or when they’ll browse the Urban Outfitters website and see those amazing t-shirts. 

On the actual movie, for now, I’m not going to write anything, because many might not have seen it yet and it would be impossible not to spoil it.  One thing I can say is: even if you’re not a huge fan, Star Wars is still epic. Another sure thing is that I would buy all of the BB8 gadgets.

BB8 Robot


The coolest, it literally does anything.
Controlled through an application for smartphones, it is also able to explore the surrounding areas with autonomy. It can record holographic videos. I don’t need to say anything else. 

Cookie Cutter






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