About the return of the padded down jacket


As is known to everyone including hermits, in the end it all comes back: plastic chocker necklaces from our primary school days, hair trends, jeans our mothers wore when they were young and even ex boyfriends

Sooner or later it was bound to happen that, after bomber jackets, down jackets would also start creeping their way into street style looks by fashion people who live on bread, Chanel and Moschino covers

After all, they wore flared wool sweatpants with hairy Birkenstock sandals, what harm could a down jacket do? In comparison it’s the equivalent of party wear.

On the down jacket, in theory, I’d say this: a nice thick coat is much better

Of course, that cloth Marni coat won’t keep you warm when there’s -15℃  and in that case it’s better not to be an ostrich, to choose life, avoid a bronchitis-pneumonia-plauge, a death by hypothermia and go down either one of the following routes: Cynical rich Russian wrapped in fur or a decent respectable thick coat. 

Here we have some photos that testify the return of the down jacket.    





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