Cosmic Fashion: High water in venice pants

This trend, admittedly, borders on insanity, on total bipolarity and maybe even shows signs of delirium. 

Why in the world would you want to wear half length wide pants that leave most of the shins exposed? 

And why, then, persevere with this questionable practice even during the colder season?

I don’t know, and yet, although they make me look like a stubby and chunky dwarf with a debatable taste in fashion, I own these culotte pants too. 

Two pairs. 

 I wear them.

I know, they’re ugly.  I’m sure in a couple of years they’ll be assigned a dark corner of my wardrobe and never see the light again. 

In the meantime I’ll do my share of public service by sharing photos of fashion bloggers who are sporting these pants even now that there’s 1°







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