Ten thoughts to cheer yourself up if you think you’ll be alone forever

I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m single, I’m perfectly fine alone, look what a cool boyfriend that ugly dump got herself, who am I going on holidays with, all my friends are coupled up, I’m going to go watch gossip girl.
If you recognize yourself in one or more of these phrases it means you’re single. With new year just around the corner, resolutions and mistletoe hanging, this can be a trying time of the year. Being single can sometimes feel a bit daunting, but believe me, once you accept it it has it’s perks!

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 00.58.11.png

#1 Better alone than with a joint Facebook profile.
#2 As long as you’re alone, your mother feels obliged to take care of you.
#3 I’ll only say one thing: Occasional and targeted shaving.
#4 You’re motivated to work out.
#5 You can go to clubs and judge guys instead of the decor.
#6 As long as you’re alone the only alarm clock to go off in the morning will be yours.
#7 Completely free weekends. 
#8 You don’t have to share a bed. 
#9 You have the opportunity to lie and tell yourself that you’re still waiting for Mr. Right. 
#10 Singles are the ones who have most fun when in a group. Couples have a hard time relating to others
…but still, when you’re single, there’s always that fizzy potential that someone super amazing is just around the corner.




5 responses to “Ten thoughts to cheer yourself up if you think you’ll be alone forever

  1. I love your 10 thoughts! I make fun of my friends all the time who have joint Facebook profiles and ask which one of them cheated! It’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. One of my friends I worked with a long time ago put her husband’s first name as her joint Facebook name so now she is known in my house as Connie Steve. I swear if I ever saw her again I would call her that by mistake!

    Thanks for stopping by my site (goaskyourdaddy.com). By the way, we watched the last episode of Making a Murderer last night so all of a sudden we have no more to watch. I’m still hoping for a 2nd season. Hope to talk to you again in future posts! If you’d ever like to guest blog on my site just let me know. Thank you!

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