It appears velvet is currently fashionable

The issue that velvet has made it’s comeback with domineering and bossy fashion should be briefly analysed from an anthropological point of view directly relative to the species: 

What motivates a normal average person to wear velvet? 

I don’t know, I think there’s a thousand valid reasons to oppose the use of velvet, for example, despite it’s appearance, it’s as warm as a €9.90 acrylic jumper, if you were to run whilst wearing a pair of velvet pants you could create a powerful electrostatic charge and generate a fields worth of sparks useful for New Years Eve, as well as generating the same amount of heat as a gas stove, or worse, people could exchange you for an extra on the set of Starsksy & Hutch

This list could be endless. 

Instead, I would like to set aside this 70s mania, forget the bell-bottom pants and remove the various shades of brown associated with such things. 

I like velvet when used outside of the 70s trend. And I like it on just about everything: shoes, blazers, skirts, tops, coats and bags. 



velvet 1




3 responses to “It appears velvet is currently fashionable

    • I’m the same! I don’t own anything velvet, I kinda usually hate the look of it, but in those pictures even I have to admit it looks so good!

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