The Jeffrey Campbell “Bitsies” also known as granny shoes

David Bowie and Alan Rickman in the same month are too much even for me.

Now, should these leap-year induced astrological conjunctions subside, soon the levels of endorphins in my brain will return to normal and  I’ll go back and write something about the Golden Globes.

Meanwhile, to lift the spirits, I thought it was appropriate to do something sensible: look at pretty shoes.

Had this been an archeology-based blog we could have discussed the typological seriation of these shoes that Pinterest defines as flat block heels and that I, very trivially, would refer to as granny shoes.

If instead you’d rather read the fashion description it would go back to the Ferragamos Varas, a copy of Celines latest model or a Tango version with no strap and low heel.

Even after changing the various parts of this shoe, the result doesn’t change: granny shoes.

To me, despite the dangers and risks, they seem beautiful.

Because I don’t have the finances for the original Varas or Celines, since I have rent to pay, I also appreciate the Zara and Jeffrey Campbells versions: the model is known as Bitsie.





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