What I’m watching on Netflix: Making a murderer and other documentaries

The title says it all. 

I’ll get straight to the point and tell you what I’ve been watching this past week, while I was enclosed in the cocoon of my duvet under the effects of Lemsip. 


They’re seriously cool on Netflix. No lions in the Savannah, No templar conspiracies, no random crap, just serious stuff. 

Hot Girls Wanted

I hate the porn industry, not because I’m a feminist or whatever, but because I’ve read various interviews of ex porn stars who essentially denounced those who were real cases of abuse.  In a day of pure boredom I stumbled across a series of articles that left me in shock. I saw this famous documentary  about the amateur porn industry in Miami and, as expected, it painted a sad, degrading and disheartening picture for these girls.  In the end I wanted to bring them all back to their homes and families.

hot girl wanted netflix life on mars

Making a murderer 

Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s upset, because this isn’t a tv, it isn’t fiction, but a documentary to denounce real life events, a sort of last hope for the family of Steven Avery, the man accused of and unjustly jailed for 18 years for a sexual assault he did not commit and whose legal ups and downs are, unfortunately, far from being over. In fact, for the Avery family, this is probably the last bit of hope to denounce the facts and to regain at least a little bit of legal and social redemption. It’s not a good or bad documentary, but it is worth watching. The end.

Making-a-Murderer-netflix life on mars


3 responses to “What I’m watching on Netflix: Making a murderer and other documentaries

  1. My wife and I started watching this last week and are up to the last episode. I’m intrigued by it and find everything about it fascinating. I hear there are talks about making another season. Thanks for sharing this!

    • WOW, that is so cool!Looks like lots of fun with good people. The sharing brought chuckles and much joy to the start of my day. Thn.Bsakest wishes in Arlington YAHOOOooo city!! -Manu

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