Extra fashion: childhood traumas and total pink

The colour PINK is a bit like wine: you may like it, you drink it, you taste it, you might also be a fan.

Or you could be a major alcoholic.

Future hardships are created during the delicate phases of childhood, when mothers adorn their daughters with pink bows, packaging them as though they were a bouquet of flowers, happily sending them to school like that, on an ordinary day. 

Or those other mothers who dress their girls as tomboys, with jeans three meters long and folded back 13 times, with oversize sweaters, when oversize was yet to be appreciated, and with a practical bowl haircut. 

These girls will sit alongside those other girls. 

Can you now see the generation of the dual childhood truama??

Since this year Rose Quartz is one of the colours for 2016 I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of these traumas resurfacing. Lots of bloggers victims of the colour pink, who see the world through a glass of cosmolitan, that wish for a flamingo instead of a dog, and who sleep on a cushion of candyfloss

moschino total pink


ferragni total pink

total pink life on mars

pink fur

6 responses to “Extra fashion: childhood traumas and total pink

      • Imagine my shock when I come back home to find my mother has done my entire bedroom in pink. I love a pink beanie or a pink (adidas) zip-up, with an all-black outfit though. Just a smash of pink never hurt anyone

      • Please tell me that didn’t really happen 😱 Im shuddering just thinking about it! btw thanks for stopping by and commenting, I love it!🙌🎉💃

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