Standing ovation for Axel Arigato: Comfortable sneakers for comfortable feet

These are definitely the years for the international fight against bunions, deformed feet, corns, calluses, blisters and invocations of Satan. Fortunately as of lately the comfortable shoe has become fashionable, with virtues and defects of this phenomenon, where by defects I mean horrid Birkenstock sandals with fur.

I began seeing pictures of these Axel Arigato shoes worn by famous and non famous bloggers in my usual place of perdition that is Instagram. Ok I’ll admit it: I start combing through fashion pics once the pictures of food have already scraped the pits of my stomach. But hey at least I keep myself up to date.

Apparently, even anonymity is trendy, because no one even knows what this Parisian shoe designer looks like, but the poetry that overcomes my spirit leads me to one conclusion: who even cares, the important thing is that we’re looking at shoes.

The brand chooses to offer a collection which gets constantly renewed, using quality materials and affordable prices. All this is very sold out, for a sadistic brand that calls on purchasing without too many considerations hashtag impulse buying.

axel pink life on mars

Axel 1

Arigato life on mars black box

axel arigato comfy shoes

life on mars burgundy.jpg


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