It is omnipresent in every 90s teen show.

During those years no one was immune to it. 

I’m talking about bodysuits.

Everyone had it. 

Everyone wore it with light washed high waisted jeans aka Brenda Walsh in 90210.

branda walsh.jpg

The fact that it was an item of clothing that looked alright on very few people didn’t seem to matter very much – in testimony of the fact that to this day we go around -unpunished- wearing things such as flared cropped pants proves how little importance we give to the ‘fit’ of the trend. 

But now bodysuits have returned to infest street style photos and outfits, and has reappeared on the shelves of Zara &Company.

Either way, I’m weak minded and therefore I love this trend. Here I leave blonde warnings for the safe use of this trend, in memory of 1994 fashion. 

★ Pay attention to the size, especially to the lenght

The bodysuit can become an amiable sharp knife in the private regions after a couple hours of wear and will make you as hysterical as a nicotine addict left without cigarettes. 

It also tends to slip between the cheeks, let this be a warning. 

★Think twice about what to pair it with.

Sometimes they come with nasty uncomfortable clippy buttons to close them (I’m sure they have a specific name, I’m too lazy to google what is).  These buttons are the devil and if you happen to be in a ‘social’ situation were you are required to swiftly and smoothly remove the above mentioned bodysuit doing so may require more effort than you’d expect. 

Also, side note: apparently men find these clippy bodysuits ‘creepy’, probably cause associated with something a baby would sport. 

Overall though I actually do like bodysuits. They’re not the most comfortable things in the world to wear but they do look good and are easy to pair. They also double as going out outfits so that’s a plus. 

Where to find them?

From mother Zara or Asos where you can virtually find everything. And Topshop has the best ones in terms of fit. I own two and I’ve worn them so many times since I got them. 

white body

white bodysuit kendall

white bdoy cap

white bodysuit

wblack body


  1. Bodies don’t work well with fast fashion, just because it’s worn as a top doesn’t mean it stops being underwear. I too am a fan of bodies however I only regularly wear Wolford pieces because they’re made so well. Suddenly the snaps aren’t so evil (much better than those stupid hooks and eyes), and who cares what they look like, I’m surprised that men aren’t more pleased by the easier access! The other thing is that bodies will always ride up, and controversial as this is, I prefer the thong back ones which look scary at first but actually makes much more sense.

    • I agree, bodies aren’t made for fast fashion. They do get classified as ‘underwear’ but ,as you said, simply get used as tops. And yes, I don’t think it’s controversial but it’s true that the thong style ones are much more comfortable! Thanks for commenting 😊

  2. Zara/Bershka/Stradivarius buyers are OBSESSED with bodysuits! 😛 They’ve been selling them since 2012

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