Extra Fashion: Street Style is the School of Life

Monday mornings call for a significantly higher energetic charge than any other day of the week, that extra effort that we sometimes refer to as optimism that reminds us that where there’s a Monday, after five days, there is always a Saturday. Because if you don’t look at the bright side of everything depression would be far too close.

And so let’s banish away negativity through subliminal messages found in street style that day after day teaches us something new and should therefore be included as a compulsory school subject instead of religion.


Street style fashion teaches us to never throw away anything, not even complimentary t-shirts, as you could end up seeing them on sale on Mytheresa.com for 245 euro each.

miss world

To strenghten your self-esteem and feel beautiful even during those days, you can get yourself a random State sash and declare yourself as the best-all-round.


Life needs to be lived comfortably, regardless.  


Talking to strangers is a highly dangerous practice and I highly discourage you from doing so. If you really can’t avoid it, try to handl the situation by giving your face an aura of mystery. 


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