Extra fashion: 70s Retro t-shirts

After succumbing to mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, oversized sweaters, culottes pants, off the shoulder tops and bodysuits I frankly do not feel in a position to judge anyone.

Fundamentally I’m the first one who should feel ashamed for their dubious fashion choices, but no, I too often still comply to buying something simply because I saw it on Alexa Chung, totally uncaring of the fact that I may or may not look like a badly dressed dwarf belonging to Durins lineage. 

I go on without a care, convince myself that those baggy flowy mid-calf pants must be mine and nothing, not even the bitter reality reflected in the changing room mirror can stop me: I have to buy them.

I do the same thing with t-shirts. I’ve bought: tigers, eyes, taglines, logos and stripes. Think of an idiot trend that has lasted no more than four months from the past year; I almost certainly have it in my wardrobe, at least in the low cost version.

All this to say that this year the t-shirt style worth buying, as Alexa Chung as demonstrated, is the retro 70s tee.

You know those slightly ‘faded’ t-shirts?

With the contrasting coloured crew neckline?

With vintage logos?

Or with slightly hippy prints?

The mood is therefore clear, and it’s once again Starksy & Hutch, the Jefferesons and Farrah Fawcett. You can find these tees literally everywhere, from Pull&Bear, to Topshop to Etsy and various vintage stores. 








11 responses to “Extra fashion: 70s Retro t-shirts

    • Oh I wish I would have read this before we went out today and my toddler peed in his carseat! haha! I definitely di27d#8&1n;t smile through my gritted teeth. Now I just want to tip toe into his room and kiss his little sweaty head while he naps! Thank you for reminding me what really matters!

  1. Dreambes, je veux pas te manquer de respect, ou te paraitre coeedscdnnant, mais franchement, pourquoi tu l’ouvre? Cette album, Wars of the roses, est plein de bonnes idées, mais c’est vrai, la piste Providence avec ses coeurs c’est mauvais et pas à sa place…et l album dans l ensemble laisse une impression de "j ai raté le c…

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