About the joy of the Gucci Garden Capsule Collection

I have never understood nomenclature in chemistry, and never will I understand the number of collections  per brand that come out within the year. 

How many capsule collections is a brand expected to birth per season?

Is the cruise collection before or after pre-fall?

Is pre-fall not just fall?

I can’t precisely answer these questions, all I know is that I can’t buy anything because everything costs so so much and I need to buy food.  The fact remains that for Gucci, ever since Alessandro Micheles arrival, I always yarn and long every item.

A few weeks ago I spent 12 minutes of my life staring at a photo of a Gucci display window, because it was adorned with pink wallpaper and painted swans


Could a more beautiful wall exist?

Frankly, I think not.

A little while ago the new capsule collection was released, and it involved a new version of the classic ‘flora & Fauna’ print.

It contains flowers, red and blue birds, snakes, carnations, roses and stars.

Speaking of the flowers, Alessandro spoke the following great truth:

I consider myself an animist. I have a great interest in the world of nature, a passion that I think transpires in my collections.
The flowers, for example, are for me the representation of the power of beauty.

I love him, and I want every piece in that collection, because those flowery prints are the kinda things that turn my brain to mush, much like dinosaurs, pineapples, flamingos and banana prints. 







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