Kenzo x H&M: Fear, photos and prices

Marni and a few others aside, the bottom line is that in the various collaborations of H&M and X famous fashion designer has never shone for value, appeal and beauty.

Of course, they have never reached the heights of the unrivalled, unparalleled, incomparable ugliness that is the collaboration between Kenzo and H&M will be in stores from November 3. 

I have only ever felt such confusion steeped in disgust in front of anything ever produced by Vetements, which, along with it’s ongoing sales, continues to be, together with antimatter, one of the worlds many universal mysteries. 

But, by the same principle with which I watch in horror TLC’s Buried Alive, I decided to further investigate the collection.

But first some pictures from the horrifying look book.


If I owned this I would be ashamed of even donating it to Oxfam.


She’s even wearing slippers ! – Skirt € 99.


Her face says it all. Bomber € 129


Exquisite and understated faux fur with which to go to Lidl to buy courgettes – € 179


Tiger pretend dress. 149 euro


Bag of unparalleled ugliness 49,99 EUR


Sweatshirt to confuse the enemy 79,99 EUR

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