METALLIC SLIP DRESS: Also known as leaving the house wearing a pink astronaut inspired night gown

I more often than not leave the house dressed in total black, but due to an aesthetic bipolarity or an incomprehensible law of retaliation I always then regret it and wish to be covered with pink, glittery, gleaming shiny stuff.

I would also like one of those beautiful rhinestones covered vintage inspired makeups that can be seen on Tumblr or Pinterest – but not those nasty things to make up tutorial – and stroll around with a pleated pink top covered in glitter from head to toe like a fairy in a Wes Anderson film.

Basically, sometimes I want to be as shiny as Rihanna the she sings Shine Bright Like A Diamond.

And so I sit in religious silence, nodding my head in quiet approval of this trend while eating Tiger candy.

It all started three years ago with Burberry, then there was Saint Laurent and then came Gucci, but I like to believe this is all thanks to the 80’s and Ziggy Stardust.







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