The principle that moves The Ordinary is far from being impersonable.

As you can see from the picture, the packaging of these beauty products is very reminiscent of the US drugs, where on the bottle they simply write the name of the active substance or prescription, the end.
And that’s the idea behind this new skincare line.


★ no frills
★ no luxury packaging
★ no pompous names
★ nothing fragrances
★ no miracle recipes
★ nothing at all

Only the active ingredient you are looking for at high concentration and at super low prices.
Personally, and I don’t think I even need to say this, I really love the idea of such minimal and conceptual packaging. Of course, navigating the maze of ordinary serums by The Ordinary, given that you will not find anything labelled as “Serum anti-stain bleaching“, but you’ll just have to look for something with a high concentration of Vitamin C and on the bottle there will only be the scientific name of the active principle.

Basically, it’s skincare for nerds.

Or quite simply, just do a quick Google search, and you can easily go ahead and purchase their products, which, given the high concentrations and the low prices, are absolutely worth this minimal mental effort.

Let me give you an example.
In the case of super dry skin and in need of hydration, you will need hyaluronic acid and the corresponding product that we’d find in Sephora with a label that would read something along the lines of “Maximum Hydration Serum” on The Ordinary would be:

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 – A Hydration Support Formula With Ultra-Pure, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid 

And it doesn’t cost €40, just under €7.
If, however, you are looking to fight blemishes and other imperfections, you should look for the Vitamin B3 product and so on. The cool thing is that this way you can modify and personalise your skincare routine according to the needs of your skin, and the brand recommends to apply up to three serums per the day.

You can find buy their serums on their official website and also on Asos.

the ordinary skincare

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