KIKO Asian Touch: Essential Asian Makeup

Ancient beauty rituals. Keen attention to details. Artistic and harmonious calligraphy.

Anything about Korean beauty or skincare, or anything beauty related that is Asian in general, is for me a great source of happiness because it always gives me the idea of a pure, minimal, and essential product. And also because Asians always seem to have beautiful skin and flawless make-up… but I’m generalising here.

The Kiko limited collections usually don’t impress me very much, because normally I find them: too colorful, too shimmery, too much.

But this time around with the Asian Touch collection they have tapped right into my essential and minimalist heart. Eastern-inspired beauty takes centre stage in the new limited edition Asian Touch collection by KIKO Milano and Isa Arfen. The fifth of 7 collaborations with emerging designers selected by Vogue Talents also celebrates KIKO Milano’s 20th anniversary.


You can tell at a glance that the collection is doing something right, at least judging from the palette of colors: black, red and nude. Basically a woman does not need anything else because, really, the yellow, peacock pink green eyeshadows should be thrown into the sacred fire of Mount Doom.

Instead, Kiko has presented us with the essential: super black and pigmented eyeliner, in cushion format, (I want it) promising a super dark wing, red matte liquid lipstick, blushes that come in a range of human colors, no more horrendous shades of little-Bavarian-girl-with-chubby-cheeks-pink.

The collection also features a fine silicone spongecause just in case you didn’t know the beauty gurus of the web now bland their foundations with silicone sponges, beauty blenders are no more!– brushes and obviously fabric masks.



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