Joanne Hynes A/W 17 Presentation

A complicated relationship with: life, love, loss, motherhood, responsibility, passion, conflict, nostalgia, the future. – Words for which I would like to be remembered, Joanne Hynes.

“I could have been a risk for Dunnes because my design DNA is more radical – and my approach to every aspect of this monumental project is uncompromising. I am all over everything”, says Joanne Hynes who launched her latest collection for Dunnes Stores in London on Friday followed by a Dublin launch on Saturday in the Grafton Street store in a bold “see now, buy now” strategy.
The launch was a success. The collection was laid out beautifully and there were women of all ages trying on her pieces; women in their early 30s, wearing trainers and cashmere jumpers, cool older women in their 60s and 19-year-olds hovering around their favourite accessories. I was among them, taking in the flamboyant, baroque-inspired prints, patterns and materials. My favourite pieces by Joanne Hynes are always the coats and headpieces. This time, a green There are over 100 colourful and elaborate pieces in which digital print, sequins, feathers, jewellery, lace and embroidery reflect Joannes wild imagination and flamboyance. There are silk opera coats, striped and jewelled tweeds, swan print dresses, bonded velvet coats, appliquéd knits, her Tiger Lily motif on bags.
This collection, her second for Dunnes, pays homage to two remarkable and spirited Irish women – Maud Gonne and Constance Markievicz – and the references show in the details, in the prints of Gonne’s face on dresses while the military coats and detachable leather harness alludes to the famous photographs of Markievicz in full regimental regalia. Other “little nods to the military feel” are bandsman stripes on trousers and embellished on coats.

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