Authentic Tiramisu Recipe

For this weeks i I bring you one of my all time favourite desserts: the Tiramisu.

Close you eyes when measuring out the ingredients of this recipe and don’t try to stop and think about calories because this dessert is beyond good and it tastes like heaven.
It is essentially a very easy recepire to make, since the only technical difficulty is making the sabayon – or zabaione as Italians would say – cream and there is zero baking involved.

small disclaimer: make this the day/night before before eating it (it’s always better to let it sit for at least overnight for the coffee to soak in and for the sabayon to not be runny), you’ll thank me later 😛

For the base

1 packet of Savoiardi/ Ladyfinger biscuits

A pot of coffee (or enough coffee to soak all the biscuits)

For the Sabayon

6 Egg yolks (refrigerated)

1 3/4 cups Heavy whipping cream

1 1/4 cups Mascarpone cheese

6 tablespoons sugar


Cocoa Power to dust over the tiramisu

*Many people traditionally would put a little touch of liquor in their tiramisu. I think the liqueur blends in with the coffee and you lose both tastes, so it doesn’t inspire me as an idea and I’ve left it out, but I know my mother puts grand mariner in recipe; I personally would put Irish Baileys in it (it is amazing mixed with the cream!), or other alternatives could be rhum, martini, marsala, cognac, a drop of sambuca… that part is up to you! If you decide to add a drop of liquor simply mix it in with the coffee.*

Start off by having your coffee ready, so it has a few minutes to cool down.

While the coffee is left to cool, you can make the sabayon. Mix the 6 egg yolks with the sugar, until it is completely smooth and there are no lumps. It should be yellow and thick. Once you have the sabayon you add in the whipped cream, slowly. Next, fold in the mascarpone. Gently mix it all together, folding from the bottom up. 

Now that the cream is ready, it’s time to lay out your savoiardi biscuits. All you do here is lightly soak the biscuits in the coffee, one by one, and then place them on the tray you’re using for your tiramisu. Once you have the bottom layer of biscuits soaked and laid out on the tray, cover them with the sabayon cream we just made and repeat the process. One that layer of cream place another layer of coffee-soaked savoiradi biscuits. Once you have the second layer done, cover it with the cream and dust the entirety of the surface with cocoa powder… and leave to rest for 8+ hours. I know, resist the temptation.

But that is it, it really is a very simple recipe that takes very little time! If you have any questions leave them down in the comments!

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