No.2 Style Post – ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars.’


Style number 2 features the Willow & Clo Soundwave collection.

Inspired by the magic of music and the fascinating fingerprints that remain after a sound is uttered, I created the Soundwaves collection as an ode to the lingering memories that music manifests in beautiful wave patterns.

Behind each piece lies a secret message for the wearer, visualised by a delicate engraving that empowers and inspires a love for life.

I love this collection. This season it’s all about layering and there’s no better way to do it than with these pieces from the sound wave collection. One of the most popular pieces in the entire Willow & Clo range, the open disc necklace, also known as ‘Shoot For The Moon’ Necklace is a stunning piece that emulates the current ‘open circle’ trend in necklaces. A beautiful and modern piece, this is perfect for casual day to day wear or for a smart casual, edgy look come the evening time.

On a beautiful fine chain lies a gorgeous pendant disc engraved with the sound wave ‘Strength’. Designed to sit just at the collarbone, this second pick looks exquisite when worn alone but to make a real impact, try pairing with similar pieces from the Soundwave collection to achieve a modern layered effect.

And finally, delicately engraved with the soundwave ‘Dream’ , the last layered necklace is made for the dreamers. To dream is to believe anything is possible. The dreamers are the ones brave enough to change the world!


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