Style Inspiration: The Red Edit

This weeks style inspiration sees red as the main point of focus. To be truthful, I’m not one to venture out into colours outside of black or white, but lately I’ve been more and more inclined to incorporate pop of colour into my wardrobe. So this week I out together 4 outfits: one for the weekend, one for work, one for drinks and one for leggings-and-sneakers kinda day!

Week-end style: Chunky Sweater and Boots Autumn Outfit


A comfy yet stylish look perfect for autumn. I love the combination of the chunky knit and the mixture of textures. I’m a big fan of the two tone jeans, as they give an edge to any outfit.

Look 1: Shoes, Jeans, Knit, Clutch

Work Outfit: Crisp look with a pop


I’ve recently started working in a jewellery store, and since I’m required to wear a fair amount of jewellery during my shifts, I tend to reach for more minimal and subtle clothes to let the jewellery be the statement piece to my look. For someone who loves prints and patterns as much as I do, that gets boring fast, and I’m quickly running out of outfits to wear. I saw this combo of shirt and jeans an loved how the red loafers and accessories pull the look together. I’m on the hunt for a pair of similar shoes, as these gucci ones (as well as the beautiful fantastic gorgeous YSL tassel bag) featured int he picture are just a liiiiiiiitle bit out of my fresh-out-of-college budget!

Look 2: Shirt, Shoes, Bag, Jeans, iPadcoveriPadcover

Gym Day: Chic Leisure OutfitLook-3

Wearing leggings outside of the gym/ house is usually a big no no for me, but there are days where you just have to many places to go and too much walking to do to put fashion above comfort, and with this look, you won’t have to. Match a pair of simple black leggings with a long oversized knit, and throw over a long structured cot and you’re good to go! I really advise to invest in a pair of nice sneakers that won’t look too out of place outside the gym!

Look 3: Shoes, Coat, Leggings, Ribbed Knit 

Day to Night Outfit


For the fourth look, I went a little more put together and polished. This outfit is perfect for days were you’re going to be in work all day and have a night out or dinner/ drinks/ insert any event afterwards. Honestly though, I usually walk to work, and bring my heels in a canvas bag and switch into them when I get there, because walking in heels for 45 minutes, in a crowded city, through Dublins cobbled streets is just asking for blisters, pain and tears.

Look 4: Shoes, Jeans, Sweater (and look-a-like more affordable version), Watch, Nailpolish, Ring


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