Canvas bags, work and carrying an office in your pocket

Canvas bags are one of the things I love the most. I’ m always on the look out for a new one, i generally prefer black ones with funky graphics or a simple message on them. The thing is, they’re not exactly practical.

In college they worked just fine, as i never had more than my laptop and laptop charger with me. I’d chuck both things in the bag with my wallet and I’d be out the door. Ever since I’ve been working though, this chuck-and-run-out kinda isn’t working. Mainly because I keep having to bring notebooks, pens, hard-drives, memory sticks, documents and an extra pair of shoes (yes, I change into heels in work, I’ve gone back on my word. Walking in heels for 50 minutes is just too painful).

I also can’t stand big bulky bags, and so I’ve been using a small leather backpack. Then pinterest spoke to me. I stumbled upon a canvas bag organiser, and I knew I had to write up an office-in-a-bag post!


Bag in Bag

It’s a super cool and functional bag organizer, with 8 pockets outside and 9 extra pockets inside. You just fill it up, organise your stuff and boom, insert it in your super-cool canvas bag and you’re good to go. No more losing stuff at the bottom, or having to dig everything out just to grab your keys. It’s form and you can buy it here. It’s $19.65 on sale!



Square Mini Office Leather Backpack

This backpack from MochiThings is coated with PU on the outside making the backpack water resistant, which is super handy if you walk or take public transport for work . It contains 1 front zippered compartment, 2 open side pockets, and 1 main compartment. The 2 side pockets can store your phone, earphones, and more! The front zippered compartment contains 3 pockets built into the backpack to store pens, phones, notes and so much more! The main compartment contains 1 zippered pocket on one side and 1 open pocket on the opposite side. The open pocket can be used to store your iPad, notebook, wallets and more! A great backpack to carry all your essentials! It doesn’t come cheap, but it’s the kind of bag that you’ll be carrying with you all day everyday and it’s from a very good brand that values quality. Get it here.


Framework Briefcase

Ah the classic briefcase. This is a modern bag with a traditional look. It can fit up to a 15″ laptop, and has a soft shell exterior that includes a back pocket that unzips so you can slip it on the roller’s handle when traveling to or from work. It’s from This Is Ground, a brand that launched in 2013 and landed on the apple website shortly after. Find the bag here.

Organised Leather Laptop Pouch

Also from MochiThings, the Large Better Together Leather Pouch is a gorgeous multifunctional pouch that’s perfect for storing all your stationery tools! It has a zippered closure so you can lay it flat. It is made with a soft synthetic leather and is padded for added protection. It has a handle on the side, too! The Large Better Together Leather Pouch is ingeniously designed to keep you organized wherever you go. This pouch is perfect if you already own a good bag and use need something to keep all the contents organised.


The All-in-One Bag

The All-in-One Bag is a functional and cute daily bag! It is made with a water resistant polyester material for exterior. Inside main compartment has an air mesh used for bottom and both sides, and also has a magnetic closure. It has 2 top handles and 1 adjustable shoulder strap. It’s from MochiThings so quality is a guarantee.


Leather Key Wallet

I promise, this is the last MochiThings item I’m going to feature (Also, this isn’t sponsored, I just really love their stuff). The Leather Key Wallet is a very beautiful and well made wallet! The Leather Key Wallet allows you to securely store your keys within the Leather Key Wallet while also holding 4 cards that you commonly use. There is an additional card pocket in the rear of the Leather Key Wallet for additional card storage. To store your key within the Leather Key Wallet simply attach the key(s) onto the ring.


I hope you enjoyed the post,


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