Ikea x Hay: The new Ypperlig Collection

As always I’ll leave the link to the new life on Mars website where I post more regularly than here, though this one will stay active until christmas, after that, all new posts from 2018 onwards will be posted only on www.newsfromthecosmos.net!


My motto lies in not developing any kind of in depth critical thinking  in the field of interior design because I don’t want to end up like those people who see something minimal and say “I can DIY it for less than €10”.

Quite simply, if I like it and I can, I buy it.
In this case, the collection falls under minimal and therefore falls into the I want it now category.

So it is with joy that I announce that Ikea has started collaborating with Hay, a Scandinavian design brand known for essential lines, that very much appeal to my neurotic side, and the famous wooden hand that half of instagram has photographed.

Many well-known Ikea pieces will be revisited with Hay’s taste while keeping popular furniture giant’s regular prices. The collection should stay in stores for at least a year from October.

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