Standing ovation for Axel Arigato: Comfortable sneakers for comfortable feet

These are definitely the years for the international fight against bunions, deformed feet, corns, calluses, blisters and invocations of Satan. Fortunately as of lately the comfortable shoe has become fashionable, with virtues and defects of this phenomenon, where by defects I mean horrid Birkenstock sandals with fur. I began seeing pictures of these Axel Arigato shoes worn by…

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It appears velvet is currently fashionable

The issue that velvet has made it’s comeback with domineering and bossy fashion should be briefly analysed from an anthropological point of view directly relative to the species:  What motivates a normal average person to wear velvet?  I don’t know, I think there’s a thousand valid reasons to oppose the use of velvet, for example, despite it’s…

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