For a restless furniture lover like the myself, roaming the web in search of great minds that hack Ikea furniture has become virtually an obsession.
Did I just decorate corridor? And I’d like to do up the bedroom again. Well then I’ll move to the sitting room! And then I’ll move to the bathroom. Oh yes, there’s also the kitchen … A nightmare.

But while clothes DIYs are easier, altering home furniture is a little trickier for more than one reason. One is the price, although Ikea things are sometimes of  solidity which tends towards zero, often it proves to be a good compromise to satisfy the desire for change.

The pinnacle of the DIY low-cost solution is: oh really, that’s from Ikea ?! Doesn’t look like it at all!

ikea hack personalizzare i mobili low cost vita su marte 1

While I admire other peoples DIY capabilities, I urge millions of euros to teleport to my bank account, due to my lack of patience and, well just patience (oh yes, and the fact that the majority of the pictures hung on my walls are there to cover up the holes I drilled in an effort to put up a shelf).

Take a look at a few DIY projects from talented crafty people form all over the world!

ikea hacks personalizzare i mobili low cost vita su marte 07

ikea hacks personalizzare i mobili low cost vita su marte 05d


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