The importance of the Christmas jumper

Why wear a questionable knitted reindeer  knitted sweater?  Simple: it’s comfortable, warm, snug, almost always of vintage taste and look like it’s straight out of 1940s Christmas, depicting reindeers or snowflakes and is generally large so you can eat as much pudding as your heart desires without worries since your belly will be camouflaged, but above all…

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Christmas Playlist on Spotify

Let us all rejoice together: It’s December! With this post I’m sure I’ll risk being mistaken for one of those “I looove Christmas” kinda people, but I’m really not. I like the build up to it though. I love the cold air, the lights, the music, and wrapping presents. Plus you can get out of anything…

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Christmas gift guide for her

December = Gift time. It’s pretty hard to escape the tradition of exchanging gifts,  because it’s something that every one loves, regardless of social status or whether or not your wallet resembles that of Kim.  If your budget is low, or almost zero, there are no excuses anyways because DIY has been around since Paleolithic…

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