Fashion form the cosmos: Bardot tops

All these fresh cotton dresses, often with bare shoulders, striped or with gingham prints and the omnipresent ruffles, can only be traced back to a single wonderful person: Brigitte Bardot. The young Brigitte Bardot of the 60s, ho spent her summers on St. Tropez dressed in gingham dresses and capri pants is one of the…

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One of 2016s numerous trends that is setting roots in every field of fashion has undoubtedly the plum shape, the thorny determination and the indolence of the cactus.  I’ll start by saying that they’re among my favourite plants because they require almost no care and give satisfaction to even to those who possess a rotten…

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Standing ovation for Axel Arigato: Comfortable sneakers for comfortable feet

These are definitely the years for the international fight against bunions, deformed feet, corns, calluses, blisters and invocations of Satan. Fortunately as of lately the comfortable shoe has become fashionable, with virtues and defects of this phenomenon, where by defects I mean horrid Birkenstock sandals with fur. I began seeing pictures of these Axel Arigato shoes worn by…

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